The Other Side of Dan

This blog has been created with the sole intention of self-expression.


The other side...

The other side became so big
that it became the only side,
only 1 face that the world could see,
every other side was made to hide.

The good side took a back seat,
it sighed, it protested..
finally it couldn't stand the heat
and then it simply melted!

Now the other side grew uglier,
what ensued can't be said -
coz the rest of the story
is still being made...



We've shut shop for now :)



I hate to say no to you
So why don't you do me a favour?
Don't ever ask me again
And spare me the refusal
It's time we let go
It's time we moved on
Life is so short
And this world, full of better people!


Reason and Emotion

Reason, where art thou?
Didn't I choose you
and you choose me . . .
long back . . . .
Now why have you deserted me,
to be eaten up by a vulture . . .
called Emotion?


This isn't a case of sour grapes

It made me sad,
when you did not come,
not because you did not come.
Because you had promised
you would come,
and yet you did not.

I was sad for a few days,
kept waiting for you,
but now I have realised,
your arrival
would not have changed anything,
I would have had to fight alone,
even if you would have wanted to help me,
you did not have the capability.
So I'm glad you did not come.
I would have felt really bad,
if you would have come,
and failed me.


First Post Here

This is my first post here, but wait, it won't reveal much of my other side... Becoz I don't have time right now, have to go and attend an FOC lecture!
Shall keep posting as and when possible.....
I warn you, you might end up feeling I have no two sides - Dan is just one whole Dan. Like, no masks... But that's how one should be, right?